In defense of the guy who wrote in defense of Justin Beiber

You will not believe the torrents, the veritable torrents of abuse I have had to suffer, the deluges of bile and spite that have engulfed me, the tsunami of hatred that has battered my shore, all because I dared suggest that maybe Justin Beiber doesn’t suck at singing.

Well. I. Never.

From all corners they have come wailing and gnashing and cursing and flinging insults and aspersions even unto my indisputable masculinity, all because I, as a sworn journalist, one who took the oath (yes, there is an oath. I swear it) insist on upholding the truth.

I have people from as far as Lungugya, Kyebando, Mukono and even the more collegiate parts of South Africa hurl barbs at me, calling me ignoble and uninformed. I suspect that the Kyebando party has called me even worse. All because I stand for the truth.
Well I shall not surrender my integrity as a journalist to sate the masses, not even those from Kyebando. I shall not compromise my standards and ethics.

One Solomon King even went so far as to threaten me with physical violence, but that is the sort of thing that makes journalists like me and Andrew Mwenda international stars, so in addition to Justin Beiber, let me say… um…. That hairy one from the Disney show DOES NOT SUCK EITHER. Neither does whoever won American Idol. The one who went solo from whatever group? Doesn’t suck. Same for the white guy who dances.

Now I want a Pulitzer.