If I Go Crazy Will You Still Call Me Superman?

I have a black T-shirt with the Superman Insignia across the front and a dilemma. As in two things I have. They are related because the dilemma is this: Either I never wear this shirt ever again, or I wear it every single day until niggas learn.
I had no idea it would be like this, but this shirt apparently inspires people in powerful ways, Everyone feels that they should attempt some kind of poetry when they see it.
Now, far be it from me to censor people, I don’t want to stifle your freedom of speech, but when I walk through a hall and five different people have the same comment to make about my T-shirt, I find my fingers, just by reflex really, groping around the left side of my waist where a teargas canister would be if I came to the office better equipped to handle its hazards.
I wish it was at least different phrases each time, but every wag says the exact same thing.
“Oh, superman!”
“Ah, I see superman.”
“Eh, superman, eh?”
“Yo, Superman.”
Poor guy.
I don’t understand this part, actually. If you wear a T-shirt with the Superman insignia on it, this does not mean you are superman, or that you want to be superman. If you want to be superman, you wear a superman suit and red underwear.
If I had one of those NRM campaign T-shirts from elections who would call me Museveni?
If you wear a T-shirt of something, it means you are just a kind of fan of the thing.
But then again, it’s not that easy to come up with something clever and novel to say about what is merely a T-shirt with a commonly-seen comicbook character’s insignia across the chest.
“Hey, Clark, you forgot to take off your glasses.”
“So what is this? Because there are no more phone booths to change in you just dumped the uniform and now wear a t-shirt?”
“What kind of Superman are you? I can’t even see your underwear.”
“But you are short and skinny and tired-looking. Must be a lot of Kryptonite around Kampala.”
It’s a tall order. Best to just not try to be Comedy Central every time you see a guy with a T-shirt with the superman insignia across the chest.
But then again it DID help keep people’s attention off the fact that my fly was undone most of the day.