Hundreds and Hundreds Flock to UNRA for Jobs

What is the cause of unemployment? Not enough jobs? Not enough jobs that people actually want to do? Not enough people willing to pay the people who want to do the jobs what people want to be paid to the jobs they want to do?
Or is it simply that university graduates went on riot and trashed their own campus because they were told the taxpayer will only give them four k a day free to buy food and they have to find the rest themselves  and so employers now think all MUK Graduates are idiots. And are afraid of hiring them. In case they trash the office after reading a memo saying the office procurement is only supplying Star coffee so those who want Nescafe have to bring their own.

What is the cause of unemployment? You tell me. I know nothing about unemployment. I got a job straight out of school.

Unemployment ooccurred late last year at Uganda National Roads Authority

If you remember:

Unra is the government agency responsible for building and maintaining roads.

2011-11-29 16.08.00

As you can see from this raggedy patch of brokenness the maintenance department has been unemploying itself for years.

So they brought in Allen Kagina, one of the best Ugandans ever, to take over.

This is Allen Kagina.


This is an intellectually decrepit nyarsh who is not.


You can see the difference.


First thing she did when she got the job was fire everyone. Cleaned out the place.

Here are the minutes of the first general staff meeting

  • New chair person greets staff.
  • New chair person bids staff farewell.

The plan was that if you are not that shit at your job you could reapply and be rehired. If you were as bad at your job as some of the roads it’s your job to make and maintain then you will be replaced.

So this week the replacements started with the news that hundreds had showed up to apply for UNRA jobs.

IMG_20160126_183238 (1)


As if Big Brother applications



Because Big Brother is the most unemployed activity a Ugandan can do.

Hundreds of people lined up for the chance to either fix roads, maintain roads, or just get paid for something involved with that.

I presume they will be interviewed to find out how much expertise they have on roads.. like this.

Q: What do you like most about Roads?
A: They provide sides by which I can urinate when drunk.


Q: Name there roads.
A:  Jinja Road, Kampala Road and Road Mayor Erias Lukwago

Q: How long is the northern bypass?
A: It is so long that seven years later they are still haven’t finished making it.

Q: What do you do when a road develops a pothole?
A: If I am a minister I make sure my convoy has good shock absorbers. That’s all.

Q: What is a pavement?
A: There is no such thing. Don’t waste my time.