Have A Good Weekend. Have A Twingiri


Is there any object in all of biology more excellent than the chicken twingiri? The deep-fried chicken twingiri to be even more precise in focusing on the subject of today’s effusion of praise?

This is the perfect thing. The ultimate aspect. There is no item better by any definition of the word “Better”.

For those just joining us, the twingiri (even the name itself is a delight) is what we call the little spongy spear a diner finds when he or she, depending, asks for a piece of chicken and is served the back. That part that is what was left of the tail, that is the twingiri.

It was named so by my Ganda  ancestors, who were gifted poets.

Have a twingiri today. Go to your local takeaway (don’t go to Javas this time. Go to a takeaway) and ask for the chicken’s back. When it is served, look for the twingiri. Bite it. Relish it. Shudder with delight at the sheer magnificence of this morsel, the perfection of texture, consistency, volume and taste.

And thank me later.