Greatest Ugandans Alive #34: Tamba



Got a bit of a surprise when I got to my desk Thursday afternoon. At first I wasn’t sure, but as I got closer it became evident that there, seated at my desk, was, in fact, the very awesome Tamba, she who sings and you think birds made of chocolate are giving your ears massages.




“Who is that at my desk?” I asked myself, kind of testily because I was in the middle of some very important wor… okay, I was done with work. I was on facebook.

“Dude, I think it’s Tamba.” I replied myself.

“Tamba? You’re shitting me,” I said.

“Gwe, don’t say ‘shitting’. What’s wrong with you. She’s saved,” I scolded.

“Oops, my bad. So do we go and just say hi?”

“I think that is the accepted protocol, you dwanzie.”

“I’m kind of starstruck, though. This might get embarrassing. I mean, do you remember the show on Friday? The chick was amazing. I mean, I want to write an article one day that will be like the Microsoft Word equivalent of that music. And then that band! Even the drummer was wearing a YCMBMbikibiki T-shirt but I allowed. And I wasn’t even drinking. Konshens biki?”

“I think it will be embarssing if you just stayed here talking to yourself. Extend your hand. Good boy. Now say, ‘hello Tamba.’”

“Hello, Tamba.”

“Aloud, you dumbass.”

“Oh, sorry.”

And I extended my hand and shook Tamba’s hand. I was very composed, I think. (Not like the time I met Doreen Baingana. That was a fiasco) I believe I was composed, gentlemanly, hygienic and I didn’t mention tying my pregnant girlfriend in the trunk of the car and sending her a tape. However, at one point, while she was replying to my question about downloads of her songs, (you can find them here, by the way) I found myself thinking to myself,

“Dude, imagine if instead of speaking the answer, she sang it? Would that be awesome or would that be awesome!”

“That would kick awesome’s ass, I think.”

“Don’t say ‘ass!’ She’s saved!”



Anyway, on a serious note, Tamba makes very very good music, and you should go and hear it. She has a monthly showcase at the Sheraton and the next one that comes, I will make sure I remind you here.

In the meantime read about it here, at