From Bikozulu: Samsung Galaxy S4’s Greastest Review


No, I am not eager to run out and get one, cos I have a tablet. Having a tablet AND a phone is just being way too much of a douche, but I did enjoy reading this review, and you should to. Introducing, Bikozulu:


By Jackson “Bikozulu” Biko 

Samsung Galaxy S3 was born into privilege. She was born into a world already prepared to accept her. It helped, of course, that she was different and beautiful. That she did things that other phones didn’t do. Couldn’t do.

Samsung was trolling into new technology waters and turning gadgets into objects that we did more than use, but get into a union with. The S3 wooed and befriended us. Became our best mate, an in turn tried to topple the dog’s century-old reign as man’s best friend.  Now you have another best friend and one that you don’t have to pick up its poop. She was as obedient as the dog and with the biggest brain any phone has ever had, a brain that recognises your face, and your voice and your friend’s faces, a phone that would keep watching you until you fell sleep. Then it turned in herself. Designed for humans but inspired by nature.

I’m going somewhere with this, just hang on.

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