Feed The Gonya: The new Random Chaps and some Video Hijinks


This one is me and my friends on mics and editing. The latest Random Chaps is here (Random Chaps is the  podcast where Rudende of XFM and myself, of This Blog and Sunday Vision, get to places with microphonic equipment and talk shit) . In this one, we had Enygma in the studio and we talked about the stereotypes about rappers being social reprobates.

Enygma, as you know, and if you don’t, you should, is a rapper of renown and one of the musicians Uganda should be most proud of. This nation produced an artist of skill, of passion, and most vitally, one with integrity.

There is a smaller version of the podcast file you can  download here (Right-click and chose “save as”) It’s 4MB so please do, and spread it around, share it, and come like our soundcloud page, (Random Chaps)  follow our twitter handle (@Randomchaps) or find us on facebook (Random Chaps). Seriously, no American had taken the names.



Also, this is what I probably won’t let my mother know I did on youtube. But I had a lot of fun doing it. It’s Kashweetie Time, the only R-Rated Kids Show on youtube. Click here, y’all.