Feed The Ggonya: Random Chaps, and a bit of video

Hello and well done.

Don’t you hate your mobile telephone company? Of course you do, because those guys occasionally suffer breakages in the stream of service and this infuriates you! Grrrrr!

That’s why you should do what I advise, which is, divest yourself of their bundle as soon as possible. And that’s where I come in with these cunning little links.

There is this one, Random Chaps, my podcast which I do with Rudende from XFM. We were there



Random Chaps Embooko and Generations

We had a bit of help from the acerbic Emboko and then had an interview with Diamond (or Platinumz’) son on the trials of being a socialite.

Just click on the link, or on the picture, and “save as” and you get it. It is 3MB. Short and sweet like Diamond’s panty in um… well, next on the menu…




That’s very important advice for new graduates. Welcome to unemployment.