Facebook Will Kill Your Brain

I told you this thing was bad for your mind and you would not listen, now look. In spite of the evidence that Social Networking Makes You Stupid, you continue to chat, blog, tweet and facebook as if you have all those braincells to spare.

But it’s already becoming evident that facebook and social networking are making us stupid. And it’s not the mysteriously vanished vowel-creation lobe of the brain that I’m talking about: spelling without vowels is irritating to some but it’s not categorically a sign of diminished cleverness.

There is a whole litany of skills and abilities that constant facebook use weakens. Your concentration span and memory retention being just two of them (hit the link and see)

So I’m cutting down my facebooking drastically because it already makes me feel like a zombie. After just ten minutes on that site my eyes glaze over and my mindscape resembles a desert at night: featureless, drab, uninspiring and uninspired.

I fear that if I keep facebooking at the same rate I have been doing, I will become one of those stupid people you sometimes run into in places. The ones who :

  1. Ask you a question when you have just told them the answer. I.e. “Eh, Funny to bump into you here. I was just on my way to your place!” “Eh, really. So, how are you?” “I’m good. I’m good.” “So, where are you off to in such a hurr?”
  2. People who frown coolly after watching a Family Guy episode and muse, “But the things they put in cartoons these days. What are they trying to teach our kids?”
  3. Such people.

So. Facebooking is restricted to controlled periods. Twitter, too. No more all-day twitter back-and-forths.

However, now this Google Plus…