Erias Lukwago’s CV. Just Allow You Guys


As we said the other day when people on Google Plus were leaving comments without even clicking the link to see what they were commenting about (Really, friends, let us click one another. For the development of Uganda. We cannot stay backward forever.) Erias Lukwago is not going to remain Lord Mayor, that is if he currently is. You can no longer tell. So, to be realistic, dude should look for another job.

Do you have any openings at your office? His CV is not that bad…



Name: Lukwago Elias

Age: 43

Marital Status: Legal


Previous Work Experience

  •  MP in Uganda (Have not collected my iPad yet)
  • Lord Mayor of Kampala
  • Teargas target



  • Suits (Law ones. Filing them)
  • Suits (the TV show)
  • Suits (Wearing them)
  • Karaoke
  • Long walks



  • Law Degree
  • Fluent in Latin, Luganda, and long English



Criminal Record

Be careful what jokes you put here. I am a lawyer.


Special Note:

The antithesis of rule of law is anarchy. This message goes out to my Nemesis. Those who crossed the Rubicon. Let’s build synergies.