Don’t Tell Your Daughters To Be Beautiful

Don’t tell your daughters that. Don’t tell them they are beautiful.

It scares me when I see children growing up believing that beauty is some sort of achievement, or virtue. It’s not.

Because these kids are going to become adults who say things like “I’m strong, independent, intelligent,  successful and sexy! And those are the attributes that make me a proud woman.”


Can’t you see that one of those things doesn’t belong with the rest?

The capacity to arouse sexual desire in men is not the same catetory as the ability to solve problems, improve the lives of others, help your community, and be of value to the people around you.

Being physically attractive is like a sixth foot. As in a sixth foot of height. Being tall. Yes, it has its advantages, and people who are six feet can find some aspects of life easier, but no one really needs to be six feet tall. You can do fine at five two.

Being beautiful, or sexy isn’t a sign of anything remarkable about a person. If you are smart, accomplished, good-natured and sexy, that’s great, but you should know that there are plenty of people who are stupid, wicked, vile and thoroughly nasty who are even more beautiful than you are.

Let’s stop making our kids aspire to be beautiful. If it happens, it happens, and they can reap the benefits of it, but let’s not make too big a deal out of it.

Let them be kind, compassionate, giving and warm and loving. That’s what you should be proud to be.



Everyone is beautiful when they smile. Be happy and beauty just brings itself.


Otherwise, how are you? It’s Friday, game your bundle. Here. The new joint from Benezeri and The Clansmen. It’s called, Mukiga Wamani.