Do You Like: Grace Nakimera. Yes, I Am Reviewing FB Pages Now

Stage one: Finding her.

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There are fourteen Grace Nakimeras on Facebook. Some of them are innocent and they have nothing to do with Anfuukula, obviously. Like this one.

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But a number of them are the actual one, with the actual face of the actual Grace. It seems Grace has two profiles. One of them says she works at Pinky Ladies Salon, not at Studio Making Pop Music, so we are not interested in that.
The other one looks like one of those ones when a person is trying to set up a profile but doesn’t know how to do internet properly so they end up just screwing up, and then instead of deleting the thing, they just let it stay there.

The only posts on that profile are her repeatedly typing the name “Nakimera grace”.

But stans are not serious. A chick just posts her name and you see 14 likes. She posts her name again, again 7 likes. Guys, stop being thirsty.

Now, we are not her friends so no need to find her profile. We want her page.


There are four pages for Grace Nakimera. No, they are all fan pages for the singer. You know those things. You try to set up a page, you mess up, you can’t delete it, so you start another one.

One page has 67 likes. It is useless. It was started in 2011 and has never been used by Grace. No photos, no updates, nothing.

giphy (3)

And yet there was a guy there on Sunday saying : “But yu chic its no eassy to access yo nu song y” I wonder if he still goes to the internet cafe and pays his one k and logs on to see if Grace has replied.


Then there is the one from 2012. 201 likes. At least kko this one she tried. One photo and one link to her song Mpola Mpola. Nothing else there.
Except for some fans who go there and post with mob excitement.


J**** K******i
  • 19 June at 12:18
  • J**** K*******i
  • hi grace u rock l lov ur music so woo!!
  • 19 June at 12:13
  • J****** K******i
  • hi grace u rock l lov ur music so woo!!
  • 19 June at 12:13

Posted three times. Even in all capital letters. I think he was drooling and probably slapping the keyboard. And typing while saying the words out loud. When it came to the words in capital letters he was really shouting.

Anyway, that page is also dead. We move on to the next one.

This one, started in 2010 has 4,500 fans. At least this one is a serious page. Now we are talking business. We have actual posts here about Grace Nakimera. We analyse this one? Why, when just next to it we have the motherload.


Ladies, and gentlemen, weighing in at a massive 26,900 fans and counting, joined facebook in 2011, Grace The Face Nakimera!

This is the one to like. Leave the other ones for J******h K******i and his sweaty fingers.

First of all, in case you didn’t know who you were liking around here, the about informs you in no uncertain terms. It tells us:

Grace is a vastly talented afro pop artist; vocalist, dancer, composer, and songwriter who co-produces most of her songs.”


You better recognise. You think this is just some simple bird? She is vastly  talented, okay? If you are still wondering, “Yeah, that sounds cool, but just how vast is this woman? There is a full bio telling us that kyana was born in 1985, so you can even calculate whether you are cross-generating. Very good work. If anyone was not sure, this bio would convince them that this page is worth liking because the woman is not simple. Vastly talented tings a gwan. So, now that you have liked, wharrap next?




Updates come quite frequently. She is there pretty much every day with something to say. Mostly she is talking about her music, or a performance, basically she is working. Just promoting the latest song, and building gas for the next song.


Great Pipo Get ready for an amazing, standing Performance ~~~~~ Glitz and Glamour Ft Grace Nakimera at Rouge – This Saturday, will you attend??

Ntandika … Nakatandika ~~~ Just listening to myself Singing Ntandika .. A great DAY Family !!


Oh yeah, and she calls her fans “Family”.

This is tricky. I am not sure how I feel about this: If all she does is advertise at us, then we are an audience, not family. Or is it that we suspect that it is that faux humility of not wanting to say “fans” because that sounds pompous so she says “family” not realising that that sounds even more aggrandising?

Or maybe being called family by Grace Nakimera sounds like we have all been friend-zoned kabisa.


Meanwhile, pretty much every update is accompanied with a photograph. And since she is the most beautiful woman in Uganda, then we can’t complain.




These guys are seriously in love. I mean, I thought I was a fan but I just realised that I merely like her music. Fans can worship! Check this out. Chick puts up an update that says, “Wewe ~~~ Family .. Have a Good Night !!”


555 likes. Five hundred and five people liked. She didn’t even say “Wewe family, I am giving out free tickets.” No. Just good night. And we don’t even know if it worked. How many of the people who liked that status went home and actually had a good night? How many went home and had an argument with their live-in girlfriend over their obsession with pop singers?


Meanwhile she posted a photo in a slinky white number and in one hour one hundred likes.
GUys are seriously into the babe. There is one chick who comments while using Grace’s photo as her profile pic. It’s really weird. On the one hand you are seeing Grace Nakimera’s face posting, then you see another Grace Nakimera’s face commenting.




She actually answers. Which is kind of cool, although she only answers like a few of the comments. She is a busy woman, okay? First of all, we have already seen that she is a vocalist, dancer, composer, and songwriter who co-produces most of her songs. How much time do you think that leaves for her to read your badly spelled facebook comments, scratch her head, try to understand, and then reply?

Oh, and she also has the real family back home. There is Mr Grace and there is the little one, the family she never talks about on facebook because this page is mob professional. She keeps her personal life very far away from it.

Any good?

If you want to stay up to date with Grace’s work, what her new songs are, when she is performing, where you can go to get entertained by her, then this page will be great for you. You will love it.

If you are an crazy stan who wants to feel that she likes you as much as you like her, then it is perfect. She even calls you her family.

Generally, as the judge of facebook pages I give this one a first class degree.

Like this page.