Dispatch. For The Weekend. NRM and FDC Unofficial

Michael Fanti, the NRM psychophant.


No, we are not arresting Besigye because we seek to suppress his freedoms and rights. You have it all wrong. That is FDC propaganda.
There was a spate of phone thefts in Kasangati in January and he fits the description of the suspect. It has nothing to do with politics.

Break in at in at Amama Mbabazi’s lawyer’s offices? Please. There was no break in.
Those guys built their offices with cheap materials. A gheko was climbing the window and it broke.

Apollo Gisti. the FDC apologist.


Haters claim that we are unfairly victimising the musicians. Haters say they were just exercising their right to voice support for the candidate of their choice. Nti they are not the ones who rigged the elections so why are we boycotting them?
This is an example of NRM misinformation. We are not boycotting them because they have different views. We are not intolerant.
We are boycottong them because that song sucked. It was so bad. How do you  get Radio and Weasel on the song and it still fails?

As for Stay At Home: NRM gives you holiday once a month. Us we are bringing a public hiloloday once a week. We told you FDC was better.


The Good Hair Collective is such a good collective when it comes to hair that even the imperial western media conspiracy had to ask them how and why. This is an interview on CNN about this home-grown (pun intended) Ugandan company and how awesome it is.

Screenshot 2016-03-11 at 3.37.12 PM - Edited

Makes me want to have hair, too. I am bald, nze. One day… one day…

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