Cows Cost Ten Billion. Quit Hating.

Haters be hating.
Margaret Muhanga aka Money Mags aka Eminem testified to the authorities on a twitter clip that she purchased 10 billion shillings worth of land using the proceeds she got from selling goats and cows.


First of all of UBC has 10 billion why don’t they buy cameras and stop filming shit on tecno phone?

Secondly quit hating. Economics ting. Not all cows are cheap.

Race cows
We all know a thoroughbred racehorse champion can be worth millions. Nowyou have not seen a race cow. They race them in Dubai and Kuwait. They are bred on lucozade and steroids and they don’t eat grass, they eat spinach and French beans. High investment, high returns.

Guard goats
The goats you know have puny useless horns. But with a bit of GMO we returned the goat species to its former glory where the horns are not just for decoration like a Snapchat flower crown. The horns of attack goats are large, hard, sharp, and can move like kung fu. Worth millions to defence contractors, especially in Russia.

Everyone knows a skilled and talented person can’t go broke peddling this commodity. There is always a market for it.

Pizza breed
You thought the beef on pizza, burgers and steak stroganoff is the same you buy on a stick for three k at the stage?

Mineral goats
Did you know that the mark up on bottled water can go up to thousands percent? A jerry can of water is five hunnad. A bottle one thousand. Now imagine how much you would get for livestock if you said it had minerals in it.

Finally, She’s my rela. I lent her the rest. S’why I am now broke. Cos instead of letting her pay me you are busy making her answer mob questions.