Cats: Love ’em or hate ’em? Hate them, definitely.


Here is my stand on the subject of cats. I hate them

No, I don’t mean I would rather not have cats around. I don’t mean I would prefer an alternative if available. I don’t mean cats are a third or fourth option.

I anchor cats. I despise them with a loathing so deep that cannot be even hinted at without mentioning Steve Banon. Steve F. Banon (the F., of course, standing for “Fucking”) who hates melanin so much he orchestrated an entire presidential election just so he could slap brown people around. And not even blacks– Arabs and Mexicans.

My hatred for cats transcends logic and sense. It is bigotry now. I am racist to cats. I blame every cat for everything any cat has ever done and more.

If I could I would institute a government that has all cats deported off the premises, a cat Trump but I don’t. It is not for lack of hatred.

It is because we already have a president and he doesn’t seem to be retiring soon.


If a cat comes to me and starts to do its nyweee nywee bomboclart cat shit at me.

I sneer and hiss it I get up and leave (unless it’s a kitten, kittens get clemency).

I don’t kick it.

The other day in the woteli I saw this man nonchalantly kick a cat away and it was quite the revelation. As bloggers always do I took this occurrence and made it about myself and realized something.

I have never kicked a cat.

Obviously not because I am so loving, but quite simply because I don’t have that much violence in me.

What we have to ask ourselves, ad citizens, as activists: is it a good thing that I can’t be bothered to act on my feelings or is it a bad thing that I can’t be bothered to fight for what I believe in?