How To Circumcise Government-of-Uganda Style

Up until recently circumcision in Uganda was carried out without the assistance and guidance of the government, which includes Mr Simon Lokodo. He is not Father Simon Lokodo. Fathers have sex. This changes now, as the GoU prepares to release guidelines for circumcision.   You are not going to read all those words. Due mostly […]

The Main Ugandans: Who or What is Desire Luzinda.

There are millions of Ugandans. Some rumours even suggest that the actual number may exceed 37 millions. That’s a lot of crazy wild chaps, obviously. How do you keep tabs on the entirety of this imbroglio, on the full substance of this chaotic mass and tangle? You just don’t. You just don’t. What you do […]

#DrunkenWriting No 1. Internet People

Drunkenwriting is an initiative of Pride256 to build a network of bloggers by having us share each other’s work.  This is my first shared blog. It’s from …… and is called Internet People. Enjoy. A few days ago, a really close friend that is set to join campus in a few weeks called me. after […]

Radio and Weasel featuring Traffic Jams.

      This is how the events of that fateful evening transpired consequent to the situation under observation duly concerning the people in   First, let’s set the stage. The scene is Entebbe Road. As usual, traffic jam. Both ways. To and fro. Jammin’ to is the self, Ernest F. Bazanye, blogger, newspaper columnist, […]

How To Make A Ugandan Rolex

There is another google search result for this topic. This one had better not supersede that one. But we agreed that we are going to get our culture and lifestyles and our stories as Ugandans onto the internet, and I was told to do Rollas, so here we go. Ingredients: 1 Sexually attractive chicken. No, […]

The name must sound like the name must sound

Luganda is a gorgeous language. Luganda in full flight… the only reason Luganda in full flight is not a sight to behold is because sounds are not sights and are not beheld– it is, however, a thrill to experience. A pastor blowing hard in church, a riddler at a traditional wedding ceremony, my father, my […]

Run This Town: How I Stopped Being Lazy

Last time we spoke about health and fitness we decided that it was time for me to stop being a constituent piece of the sofa set and get some exercise into my life.   To this end I got a pair of running shoes. Before I tell you about the shoes, I believe they deserve […]

When Sauti Sol Meets Me. Imagine this was Friday.

The Sauti Sol Meet and Greet party was poised to be a challenge for me, and even before I arrived I was trepidatious. Lately I have come to be a bit uncomfortable, especially in the new generation celebritysphere. I myself, am a former celebrity. I don’t mean I am any less kickass than I have […]