When NRM Makes It Rain

  One evening at a home in a small village just outside Masaka. Where this picture was taken. And also when it was taken. From outside the room a door is heard slamming and a tired but shrill voice echoes through the wall. “Nakanjako! I’m home!” it cooes. “Oh shit!” thinks Nakanjako to herself. “It’s […]

King Lawrence Arrested For Fraud in South Africa? What?

The New Vision reports here: Lawrence Kiyingi alias King Lawrence, a Ugandan based in South Africa was arrested in South Africa for alleged fraud. The city socialite was arrested with other Ugandans on Tuesday after being trailed by Police in a special operation. –      “King Lawrence who of where” is the natural question you […]

Hundreds and Hundreds Flock to UNRA for Jobs

What is the cause of unemployment? Not enough jobs? Not enough jobs that people actually want to do? Not enough people willing to pay the people who want to do the jobs what people want to be paid to the jobs they want to do? Or is it simply that university graduates went on riot and […]

Apass vs Flavia: Love is War

This young local musician named Apass. He is there–famous, well-known and people like him. You know that song which you hear and you wonder when Damien Jr Gong Marley learned Luganda? Tetubatya? That is actually Apass. He’s good.   Apass caused a … It is pronounced Ape Ass, by the way, in case you were […]

Verbatim vs Verbatim. Not A Visit, A Home Invasion

The following took place at Chez Baz, where our hero was trying to get some work done in peace. It was not easy because the kid from the neighbourhood, a small, lightskinnded, pre-verbal but recently perambulatory boy, was wandering about the compound and now found himself entering my sitting room. Baz: Not now, Kevin. I’m […]