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This is where it goes after it gets off the front page. This is backstage sniffing dust with roadies.

What’s Wrong With The Best Restaurants

Restaurants and cafés reserve the right of admission. I am here today at this juncture to request nti please, help us, asst us, and reserve it a bit more please. There is this restaurant I go to in Kisementi with that coffee must be what finally…

Random Chaps vs Trump, The Heat, Egypt

I found Rudy and he said, as he usually does, “Eno mic.” So we went to the studio and made this episode of Random Chaps. Nine MBs, so don’t be scared. You can handle. We have a special guest who makes me even less eloquent than…

The 2016 Recap Podcast

Another podcast. You can stream it from here, or you can download it. The little arrow there in the corner is yours. Eleven MB only. Go ahead. Click and download. You can do this. Yeahhh.    

Random Chaps Vs Abryanz Fashion Show Awards

The most talknuts podcast in the post Bunyoro Kitara kingdom nations, during which Baz and his guest discuss the Abryanz Fashion Awards or what they were. Featuring Juliet Nyakato this episode. And on why Desire is the best Ugandan alive. It’s seven MBs. Handle.    

Cultural Privilege. More Us On What We Are Having

Cultural Privilege is like air. It is so everywhere that no one notices it. Until recently, human history didn’t know it existed. Air, that is, though, much of human history still doesn’t know privilege is there. Air was only discovered when an ancient Greek philosopher got…

Random Chaps vs Wizkid

In this edition of Random Chaps, we examine why Wizkid snaked. What is wrong with him. He must pay. Shyaa. Bombocart. If you want to download, go ahead. Send a copy to Lokodo.  

So-Called Activists Just Make Things Worse. Shut Up

On thursday 1st this happened on Twitter: This kid posted the gruesome video of two men in green uniform brutalising a civilian woman while cursing in French. They swung at her with batons, flung her into a black puddle and made her roll around in it…

Stealing Pics on Twitter. Why Are You Like This.

You guys are thieves. This is just true.Crooks. Remorseless pirates who should not be trusted because you cannot be trusted.You are a frothing horde of relentless robbers. I would sooner trust the cats in the kafunda because at least those wait until you are not looking…