Chill Break: On Phone Nudes. Not Wearing The Social Fabric

  More nude photos. More heads on the chopping block. More hypocrisy and anger and smug recrimination. Ernest Bazanye points fingers at Ernest Bazanye   Q: I thought this was a newspaper. Are leaking nudes news? Every week another set of pictures falls into our inboxes. Celebrity nudes are as common as spam SMS calling […]

Who Or What Is Queen Of Katwe?

Who or what is Queen of Katwe? Katwe is a minor monarchy situated in central central Uganda, where the crow flies upside down, where the shadows of black rock mountains tower over the night. It is run by a cruel all-powerful matriarch called Maleficient.   Is that the right movie? We are talking about Queen […]

The Artist Formerly Known As Duke Part I

The artist formerly known as not a prince.   Because Toro is not like some African kingdoms you may have heard of in your past experience; in Toro you don’t just walk in with a ring on your finger and start claiming titles, no. They will want to look at you first, top to bottom, […]

Fast & Furious 7 FAQ: Everything You Need To Know

How fast are they? The only time they drive at a safe speed is in the four seconds when they are accelerate from zero to a gumptredousand Kmph.   What is that in miles per hour? It cannot be measured in miles per hour without the use of computer generated imagery (CGI) and special effects. […]

Water is Back. Water is Back!

National Water heard your anguished pleas, your croaked and broken and parched voices. You begged that the water supply be restored after the shortage of the last weeks. The company heard. They heard that they can’t bill you for water they don’t supply and so they had better hustle and get that shit fixed and […]

Above The Truth Episode 2: A TV Show On A Blog

  Previously on Above The Truth Mysterious city tycoon FatBoy has been sleeping with pop starlet and rocker of nice hips Rema, when their peace is interrupted by a ninja break-in perpetrated by leggy cat-burglar Sheebah. We meet the couple at the open door of the home contemplating what to do next.   Rema: She […]

Above The Truths: Episode 1. Watch Dis By Reading

  If you have been a person with functioning eyes over the past twelve months, then you are aware of a TV show called Beneath The Lies. Starring an ensemble of Ugandan celebrities and Raba Daba as well, this crime drama was poised to be the Kampala Scandal. CSI Kampala. House of Matatu. The serial […]

Bad Idea Encyclopedia: F***ing Hummers

Information is the cornerstone of educational data.  With that in mind,  let’s  rip into it.  It’s the Bad Idea Encyclopedia. Today’s entry is on the subject of Hummers. Definition: The term Hummer is an acronym,  and stands for Hugely Ugly Motor Monstrosity which is Expensive and Revolting. This is one of the best-named vehicle models […]

The Year In Review

Isn’t this where every reputable news outlet, or blog, or any site that has the gall to aggrandise itself publishes a year in review piece? I shall not be left out. Rewind Selecta. Jan The year starts on a scandalous note when Socialite celebrity couple break up after weeks of open feuding. Jennifer Musisi and […]