Campaign Report: Who Will Lose

Not that I am being partial or biased, but candidate Museveni is certainly doing very well in these campaigns.
Hell, even I have been in a Museveni crowd. Because Photoshoppers know no chill as regards.

In the real world meantime, he is working miracles. Look.


A boda boda man with clean clothes.

Over the weekend in Bulabira he gave a herd of boda men free T-shirt and some satchet allowance and let them ride around the yard hooting and celebrating his largesse and it was quite spectacular.

That you have two dozen boda men in the same area and you don’t smell the sulphur from half a kilometer away?

Sevo Tees have miraculous deodorant fabric. Steady progress.
Not that I am being biased…

Then came this photo of Mike Mukula in Soroti where he might still be somewhat relevant.


Okay we have a problem here. I can’t support via Mukula. No. I just hate that guy.

Not because of the whole going to jail for corruption thing. The appeals court cleared him and I respect the verdict of the court.

It’s just that he is so…

So sleek. So oily -looking. So Sean Puffy Combs -like.

I bet he wears hair pomade.

I bet he eats cassava with a fork.

I bet he used to iron his prison uniform.

It’s nothing personal but it is because I just don’t like him.

Though there is, of course, Iryn Namubiru.

Me and Iryn have a long history together, a deep and abiding love has flown between us for years.

It’s flowed from me to get and not back, but I lover her enough for both of us.


I would probably support the candidate she endorses.

I used to be abstinent, then I was Be Faithful. Then I heard a condom commercial with Iryn in it.

Now I am a profligate slut. Everything that moves gets it.

So it looks like Sevo is winning.

Not that I am being biased.