Breakdown: Busy Signal Dem Chant

Busy Signal, the prolific reggae musician known for Bedroom Bully, You Never Knew,  Watch out for dis, Comfort Zone… eh! So many songs! Is coming to Lugogo tonight to perform live. Busy Signal fan Ernest Bazanye and Busy Signal hater Ernest Bazanye discuss the plot.



A Jamaican singer demonstrates the posture used in their latrines.

Q: Busy Signal is coming? Is something going to happen to our phone networks?

A: Are you attempting the kind of joke only cracked by people over forty five or are you honestly and sincerely asking?

Q: I am not yet forty five.

A: In that case Busy Signal is the stage name of a Jamaican singer who is coming to perform in Uganda today.

Q: These Jamaicans. Don’t they have stadiums in their own country? Ever performing in Uganda.

A: It’s because their songs are very popular in Uganda and other countries so they go around touring. African Shillings are as good as Jamaican dollars. Or pounds. Or whatever the fuck they use, wikipedia it.

Q: What song has he sung?

A: You know that reggae cover of Phil Collins’ One More Night?

Q: I know that song by Phil Collins Through The Air In The Night, about that guy who could have saved that other guy from drowning but didn’t, and Phil saw it all and at a show he found him.

A: I see what you did there. But I mean One More Night.

Q: I hate that cover! And I never liked the original very much in the first place. It’s like getting cold porridge and pissing in it.  Eugh.

A: You hate cos you’re a hater. Thousands of Ugandans love the song and are going to flock Lugogo to hear Busy dem chant, or to put it in terms old-fashioned haters like you can understand, to hear Glendale Goshia Gordon sing.

Q: Is Glendale Goshia Gordon known for anything else apart from a perplexing stage name and an awful cover of one of the most anti-testicle ballads of the eighties?

A: There is him having the seventh best reggae album of 2012 according to a BBC Music table of rankings.

Q: Give me something I can use as a hater.

A: There is him doing six months in a US penitentiary on cocaine-related charges.

Q: That is what I prefer to hear.

Gimme just one more line.

A: But you snobs are not even consistent in your hating. Just because a musician is current you have to hate them? Do you know how much cocaine James Brown snorted?

Q: I thought I was the one doing the questions.

A: At least allow that song of Reggae Music Again is the bomb. Cos, me that’s my jam.

Q: He is the one who sang that? How much are tickets? We go.