Beneath The Lies Teaser Trailer 1. Why Not Review A Teaser Trailer After All.

Today we are going to anticipate the premier of Beneath The Lies, a tv show starring the pretty faces of Lukoma, Tumisiime, not just any Tumusiime by the way–the one you know, Sinayobe, and Nava.
Among others.

In this drama we shall see Ugandans act out intrigue, suspense, tension and even Salvado. Great mysteries shall be explored, like, for example, will the tapes vanish again or are they backed up securely this time?
Will Nava drop-kick Omara with a crouching tiger roundhouse as we all expect?
Will Lokodo’s medulla collapse when Flavia begins her love scene with Gaetano?

Let us look at the trailer and forge an exhaustive analysis.

Opens with comedian Patrick Salvador Idringi speaking to musician/fashion designer Helen Lukoma. Whatever he says makes her break down in tears. Comedian Salvado, this is unorthodox! Usually you do the opposite. People don’t cry when you perform.
Well, except that one time, but everybody has a bad day. (1)

What did Salvado tell Lukoma?
Was it a joke about Museveni’s phone call? Cos if it was, I understand. I am so sick of those jokes, I would cry, too.

Next we see Salvado talking to children. He looks like a cartoon and so even though he acts stern and threatening they don’t give a fuck and neither one of them shits itself. (4)

Next we see a mysterious face in the role of Chloe from CTU. Either that or some sort of customer service rep for a phone company. (3)
Chloe is talking to Gaetano, who is in the field wearing what I immediately notice is a nice watch.

Next we see that Flavia has MASSSIVE EYES. Those two are enormous! And look, I am the one saying this, me whose own are not below any average, but Flavia’s opticals are of extreme magnitude. Seriously, look at those two. They probably detect infrared light and see smell, too. (5)
She is talking to some nigga I don’t know and I can’t really concern myself with who he is because, iwe, Flavia has big eyes. With eyes that big I bet she can even see the future. I bet she can see the wind. I bet she can see the point in a Bad Black facebook rant.
Screenshot 2016-07-17 at 9.41.18 PM - Edited
I think Flavia may have X-Ray Vision. So if you put the lies on the ground she will see what is beneath them.

Anyway, Beneath The Lies is returning to Urban TV this Saturday. Unless Flavia fans kill me before the premier, I will be here blogging. Check out the teaser trailers  and the full trailer here..