Bad Idea: I Cant Slip Am In Sominia

A turn of events that shocks me thoroughly. Makes me wonder, was I such a wonderful person in a previous life? Am I being rewarded? Or am I being punished? Because they are doing that irritating thing with the paragraph breaks. And they always add commas, just stab commas into places commas have no business at all. Breaking the paragraphs into ways that make no sense. Either way, Bad Idea is actually online on a Sunday!

IF Facebook at 3:30am is to be believed, there is an epidemic of insomnia around.

I will admit to being a feverish and frantic facebooker and I check my feed every hour. If there is no news, I prod it into action with a new update or a comment or whatever those things us facebookers do.

I guess I should pause to explain, for the benefit of those readers who are not among the 200,000 Ugandans registered to the site, what exactly facebook is.

Facebook is a website that people who cannot sleep visit at night. Once they log on, they typically leave what are known as “status updates”, which proclaim the obvious: that they are awake at three in the night.

“Insonmia!“ wails one. Another, more verbose, laments, “I can’t slip becoz of dis insnmomia!!!1” Proper spelling is not fashionable on Facebook because, well, Facebook is on the Internet.

Though this excerpt doesn’t have the stab-wounds from their errant commas.