Anita Everything, The Prequels #4

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Conversations With Airtel Anita, my airtime vendor.

*Anita, there is something different about you today.

-Yes. I am wearing a kakondo shoe. These ones of you walk as if you are climbing. That shoe of kalina.

*Not that I am flirting, because I am not, I am just making a friendly observation but it certainly makes your legs look like hattdamn grrrl!

-Unko you don’t frat me. It is not for your benefit. Munange didn’t a chotala boy pass here the other day driving a kologa to buy airtime? Wasn’t it of twenty sousand? I sell airtime here but I had even forgotten what airtel card of 20k looked like. He was chooot! He resembled as if Willy Smith but a young one not old like you.

*So you got the heels and the low cut blouse as a thirst trap?

-Don’t I look juicy?

*The succulence is undeniable. Wait. A chotara boy who drives a Kluger? That’s Marcus. He is my neighbour.

-How comes that your neighbours drive Kologa and buy big airtime and you live in the same area and you are a scrub?

*Anita scratch my card and work on your customer service skills instead of calling me a scrub.

– My customer service skills are my hot legs.

*Anita hit me up with a five K.

-Eh mama. How comes that? You used to be a two k nigga.

*Man, remember that gattawo promo when they would double your data? It made me get used. Now I have to do 200mb a day or my phone even shuts down saying it is on strike until I show it respect .

-But Unko reeyale you cannot put a mere 100mb a day on a phone like yours. Seven inch screen quad core snapdragon processor and 5gb andaroyidi 6.2 and you put a mere 100mb a day. That is antisocial behaviour.

*there you go calling me a scrub again.

-Kasita you have ogled my legs.