Anita Everything, The Prequels #2

Previously post on Conversations with Airtel Anita The Airtime vendor. Is here

-Anita. You are back to looking hot! You can seriously gerrit today.

*Anko, people no ronger say gerrit. But if they did, then yes, I can. See my boobs?

-They are even plumper than usual. Nice development.

*It’s called pussupra. I got it from da woman who sells bras. Her name is Buybra.

-You mean Barbara?

*No. Buybra. Pay attention to my words and stop oogring my chest. Men! Meanwhile, you see my hair piece? Guess who I got it from.

-You tell me.

*I got it from Peace.

-And your outfit? It’s kind of skimpy.

*That is the only type of dress you can get from that vendor called Sekimpi.

-I should have guessed. Why are you a thirst trap today, Anita?

*It is called putting pressure on da bressure. Anko, Bresser needs to hook a sista up wiz an iPhone 7. No letreet, no salenda.

-Be scratching for me my daily 2k while you narrate, because it looks like a long story.

*IPhone7, da camera! Is like for making Hollywood fillim. Forget Queen Of Katwe. Dat camera can make Anita Queen Of Bulabira. Instagram movie star. Maraika Nnyanzi and Sarovado can MC da premier of my Snapchat.

-I heard there is a dual lens camera that koobs 12 MP and has enhanced zoom capacity and produces good results even in low light.

*I am telling you. And den tis waterproof so even when it is raining I can continue to Instagram sray. I sray. I sray.

– But they are not in town yet. It’s for preordering from Airtel Uganda itself.

*Dat is why I am starting on Bresser now now. He needs to know he had better order so he can get somma dis fine bootey.

Next on Airtel Anita,  breaking up with the Bressure