Anita Everything: Coffee Uganda Coffee

Anita, since you converted into a supermarket things have become so complicated. I have been up and down the aisles over and over again and I can’t find what I’m looking for.

Anko, I know I am the best businessperson in the area. I know can serr ice in winter, I can serr fire in heww. I am a husra baby, I can serr water to a weww. And I can even sell Jay-Z albums better than he can, but I can’t herrep you. how long before you learn that money can’t buy love?

Who told you love is what I am looking for?

I can see the roneriness in your eyes.

That’s not loneliness you judgy chick, fantastic hips notwithstanding. I’m looking for ground coffee. What you see in my eyes is sleep. Im sleepy, but I can’t allow. I have too much work to do. If I pash now who will be awesome for Uganda?

Me, Suki, Sheebah and…. will have that covered. You go and sleep. It’s fine.

Okay, granted, Sheebah gat dis, but I still want coffee. And where is it?

Anko, you passed four blands of coffee on your way to come here and comprain to me.

Those don’t count. Kenyan brands and only count as acceptable coffee in Kenya itself. Round here we represent. I want from Bugisu or Kigezi. If you don’t stock those draft an explaination to Parliament. You got to represent!

Rerax, Baz. Don’t roose your temper. Evelyone knows I am patty riotic. Even my accent just recoronised da Engrish ranguage. Customer feedback accepted. I will stock Ugandan coffee.

Fine. But what will I do in the meanwhile?

Go take a nap. Don’t worry. Sheebah is rereasing a new one soon anyway.