And it’s a wrap.

So I have just a couple of weeks left on this website, then my rent expires. I will have to move back to the projects, aka WordPress.

It will be painless and quick. I feel no trepidation about the move. has been good to me, allowing me to play with sliding bits at the top and letting me have little banners on the side to advertise myself and my sponsors, when I had them, but well, as my colleagues in office say when the clock strikes six, even the longest snake has a tail.

I got the site to sell Adventures of Chandler and Fraiser books, and it helped. And I used it to push The Ballad Of Black Bosco, and that was charming, too.

But lately I’ve just been using it to talk shit, and, neither one of us wants to pay for that.

So I will not renew my subscription to this site and when it expires, I expire with it.

Okay, you can find me back at, of course. All the shit that can be talked will be talked there.

In the meantime, I have to recommend Nodesix, the company that kept us here. When you want a site call them.