A Word, Several Actually, From Our Sponsors

I have three announcements to make. The first is very important. It goes as follows. Careful, I have rehearsed this many many times and so, naturally, I am very nervous about performing it in public. Here we go.

“The Adventures of Chander and Fraiser and The Further Adventures of Chandler and Fraiser are now available for sale at Mokka Terrace, next to Nakumatt at Oasis Mall, for less than they are worth. They are as Cheap As They Look.”

It’s two bu pamphlet-looking mofos about the two borderline sociopath teenage sons of a Ugandan journalist who spend their school holidays getting up to mischief. For more details refer to the books themselves. They are now available etc etc.

I’m trying to craft advertisements and it’s not as fun as it used to be when I was still in the ad business. I thought of calling Kato Lubwama and quencing his Star Times TV advert. Have you heard it?

“Kasalina! I like to watching a kinigeria on Star Times.”

“Kato Lubwama? Aate okomyewo?”

“Yes. I have komyawed.”

“Obutabo bwa Kyandler ne Fraiser buliwa tusome?”

“I like to reading dem in Mokka Tellace dere down when you go at Nankumatt.”

But there might be copyright issues.

Anyway, that was a word from our sponsors. This post is also supposed to be linking you to my latest offering to the funniest freakingdammitfunniestfreaking website in the whole Ugandan internet you betta aks yo momma if you think I’m kidding about this: That is urban Legend Kampala

The famous Urban Legend How To Guide: 12 Steps to success in everything. This week How to Deal With Your Inlaws.

1.Everything has a positive and a negative side. In-Laws are the negative side to you getting hitched to that one special person in your life who you knocked up on campus. More…

Also at ULK, as we call it,

Yesterday’s Halloween celebrations marked the start of a new era for Hell after it was abruptly shut down for general repairs. CEO and co-founder, Satan Lucifer made the announcement at a few minutes past midnight, immediately halting all soul burning and entry into Hell. More