A Ring Ding Ding Ding Ding Ding…

The thing with these rap songs is how deceptively innocent they are. And how catchy. And how evil. Rap is just an awful genre of music, amorally designed to ruin your relationship with your work colleagues.

Like Kendrick. It starts quite innocently.

“Ah ring-ding-ding, ah ring-ding-ding, ah ring-ding-ding, ah ring-ding-ding.”

You will see no problem in humming along, out loud to that. The beat is catchy, the chant is catchy, you are caught, you chant along.

“Ah ring-ding-ding, ah ring-ding-ding, ah ring-ding-ding, ah ring-ding-ding.”

Then the next part comes along to lie to you that this is a song with noble aspirations. It says, “Martin had a Dreeeeeam.”

Martin Luther King Jr, of course. Who would be ashamed to sing along to a song about Dr King’s dream?

So, there you go.

“Martin had a dreeeeeeeeeeeeem. Kendrick have a dreeeeeeeeeeam.”

By then you are well on cruise control. You have the full momentum. You are rolling downhill, comfortable and confident. You see no reason for caution, certainly not for brakes.

So on you go.

“All my life I want money and power. Respect my nine or die from lead showers…”

You don’t even notice that this is somewhat at odds with Martin Luther King Jr’s non-violence philosophy, but you are not paying attention any more. You are just distractedly chanting along.

Then comes the next line, which scandalizes all the Christians and 45-and-aboves in your office and earns you the Look.