A Date With Desire

What does one do when ones hot ex hollers with weekend plot?

What does one so when this ex is Desire Luzinda?

Desire Luzinda is a unique level right now — after those nude leaks pretty much every guy with a smartphone had thought about it.

Now, I am not going to make any untoward suggestions about Sseya. As MTN has learned, dude knows enough English to say “lawyers” and “suit”.

So I shall clarify that I am not making any claims about the integrity of his morals.


I’m jussayin’ though.

I mean,


You know whamsayin. I’m jussayin’ though…

So the New Vision’s twitter @newvisionwire tweeted a photo of the two of them on said weekend plot, which, it turned out, was Pastor Wilson Bugembe’s celebrity church service. A special mass for famous people.

What kind of zone is it when your ex takes you to a church service. And you are a Muslim?

Unfortunately, photos do not come with audio or running subtitles so we can only guess what they are saying.

Sseya: Whose album launch is this?

Desire: Bugembe.

Sseya: The one of komaweeka? Yes. I like his music. It is perspirational.

Desire: You mean inspirational.

Sseya: Whatever. English is not my mothership. So, where do we get refreshments?

Desire: They don’t serve refreshments. This is not really an album launch, Sseya…

Sseya: I am seeing many musicians. Are we backstage or are we in the audience? Hey, check out Kusasira. If that woman gets any fatter, Musisi is going to demolish parts of her for causing digestion.

Desire: You mean congestion?

Sseya: I mean she’s really fat.

Desire: She doesn’t understand that you can’t be all hip. You have to keep it under control. Some people.

Sseya: Why is everybody singing? What kind of concert is Boogie throwing where it is the audience who performs? This is impecunious.

Desire: I have no idea what word you were actually going for.

Sseya: Desire, I don’t mean to be rude, but Arsenal is kicking today. I can’t be here singing for Bugembe. Tell him I was here, remind him that I have left movement so he should not vote for NRM, he should vote the party I end up with. Sseya out, babes. Deuces.

Or something like that.