A Bit Of Housekeeping

This site looks dull. Since the attack last week when all my themes vanished, it has looked like this.
This is not the place one expect to write un-tedious things. Certainly not the place one expects to read them. I shall have to spruce it up a bit. Add a bit of binzaali here, some ebigenderako, some lipstick, some mascara, a couple of queen dancers here and a saxophone sample there. Those things.
Meanwhile the news says the Golola vs his Opponent Whos Name I Don’t Remember is on the news. Golola says, via recorded soundbite, that he promises his fans a short fight. Poor fellow thinks he still has fans.
Where were we before I got distracted? Yes , I was explaining that I shall be messing around with the site all weekend. If it looks weird please don’t freak out.
At least not until Monday. If it looks weird on Monday, that is because I chose to go with “weird” as a theme.