What’s On At Urban Legend

This is the latest on Urban Legend Kampala, the greatest rock band on the Ugandan web. Erique’s Christmas Story, which he promise is here. Including this sentence: “What do our kids learn from someone who breaks and enters your house and when your wife catches him, his alibi is “I was delivering gifts whore whore […]

Internet For Dummies

We have been having a few slight problems connecting to the internet. Hah hah. Yeah right. No one ever has slight problems with the internet. If you cannot connect fast and seamlessly it is not a slight problem, it is a full-blown four alarm emergency situation. If you don’t have all the internet you want […]

When You’ve Got To Go, You’ve Got To Go

You have p robably seen it by now. If you haven’t, you need to get a faceook account. Very useful things, facebook accounts. They give access to all sorts of photographs of women who pooped themselves during MTN marathons. Sleekandwild reported at Urban Legend that there was indeed a woman in the race whose bowels […]