The name must sound like the name must sound

Luganda is a gorgeous language. Luganda in full flight… the only reason Luganda in full flight is not a sight to behold is because sounds are not sights and are not beheld– it is, however, a thrill to experience. A pastor blowing hard in church, a riddler at a traditional wedding ceremony, my father, my […]

Run This Town: How I Stopped Being Lazy

Last time we spoke about health and fitness we decided that it was time for me to stop being a constituent piece of the sofa set and get some exercise into my life.   To this end I got a pair of running shoes. Before I tell you about the shoes, I believe they deserve […]

When Sauti Sol Meets Me. Imagine this was Friday.

The Sauti Sol Meet and Greet party was poised to be a challenge for me, and even before I arrived I was trepidatious. Lately I have come to be a bit uncomfortable, especially in the new generation celebritysphere. I myself, am a former celebrity. I don’t mean I am any less kickass than I have […]

Being The Bigger Man

I put on a lot of weight, quite rapidly, over the past two months. It was sudden and unexpected. One day I noticed that my jeans were a bit snug. The next week I just could not let myself out in them unless I wore a pair of stretchy briefs over the fly like Superman. […]

What’s Been Up: Muwawa Club

  Hello, I have not been quite, I have been quite talkative. The pleasure, honour, priviledge of working alongside some of the funniest comics in Uganda is what has been up. A TV show I wrote was picked up by my employer, Urban TV, who then made the radical decision to not let me get […]

Chill Break: On Phone Nudes. Not Wearing The Social Fabric

  More nude photos. More heads on the chopping block. More hypocrisy and anger and smug recrimination. Ernest Bazanye points fingers at Ernest Bazanye   Q: I thought this was a newspaper. Are leaking nudes news? Every week another set of pictures falls into our inboxes. Celebrity nudes are as common as spam SMS calling […]

Bad Idea: Office Survival

  This fact, whether you understand and accept it or not, is immutable. The office is not a night club. This is not a place to cultivate your casual social interactions. We did not build the headquarters to provide air conditioning while you flirt with other people’s wives. No, you daft ninco, this is an […]

Don’t Kno De Hengrish. And Proud Of It!

First let us get the important details out of the way. Somebody please tell Bridget I am not buying her bullshit. I wasn’t born yesterday. See this grey on my chin? You don’t get that until you are substantially past a day old.     Now, let us get down to the matters of the […]

Kampala 101: How To Get Slapped

This was before I learned. The stunts are tricky. Like for Wakaliwood. That slap was like the Captain Alex gunshots.       Hey, remember: if you like it, hit like, share, and thumbs up somewhere. If you don’t like it, I apologise. Please don’t tell anyone.