The Artist Formerly Known As Duke Part I

The artist formerly known as not a prince.   Because Toro is not like some African kingdoms you may have heard of in your past experience; in Toro you don’t just walk in with a ring on your finger and start claiming titles, no. They will want to look at you first, top to bottom, […]

Thurrogits: A Random Muse Dance of Internet Boogie

You may know this or at least you should have suspected it, but I am the greatest African blogger in Uganda ever. I was certified at the 2015 Social Media Awards Uganda, an auspicious occasion presided over by none other than Seanice herself. Yes, Seanice. You can’t argue with Seanice. I rock. But sometimes I […]

Fast & Furious 7 FAQ: Everything You Need To Know

How fast are they? The only time they drive at a safe speed is in the four seconds when they are accelerate from zero to a gumptredousand Kmph.   What is that in miles per hour? It cannot be measured in miles per hour without the use of computer generated imagery (CGI) and special effects. […]

Water is Back. Water is Back!

National Water heard your anguished pleas, your croaked and broken and parched voices. You begged that the water supply be restored after the shortage of the last weeks. The company heard. They heard that they can’t bill you for water they don’t supply and so they had better hustle and get that shit fixed and […]

Bad Idea: How To Be Broke

It is not easy for me to admit this—you know I am a proud man, but two things compel this confession. One is that you don’t believe anthing I say in this column anyway and two is that I hope my struggle, my overcoming this struggle, indeed my testimony, will encoureage others who are going […]

I Wanna Thank…

  I had a problem and could not attend the Social Media Awards Ceremony. And then I won. I was in Najjera crouched over the porcelain while up in Golf Course… the less said about my stomach problems the better. Anyway, I made a speech. Cos who wins awards and doesn’t make speeches? I